Saturday, October 6, 2012


Well, the sale is going GREAT!!! I think so far it has been a great success! We still have all day today so we will see how today goes! I wanted to post some pictures of the sale so you could see what all is here!!


  1. Hi Jessica, I just left another comment on your pallet bed post, and just had a thought/question. If you'd be up for it, it'd be awesome if you did a quick post listing the links/names to the various vendors you had at your barn sale. I didn't catch everyone's info. A few that stood out for me were: well, yours, and also, the one in that 2nd picture with the bird cage shown in this post + the maxi skirt girl +the booth with the orange painted bicycle... : ) And I already tracked down 'For the love of Old' - they're awesome.
    Anyway, if you have links or names to any of those that I listed or decide to post them all, I'd love to know. : )

    Have a great day!

    1. Breanne- It was really good to see you again at the sale!! I was actually thinking about posting all the vendors info, so now that you commented about it, I will for sure get that posted!! Im glad you enjoyed the sale! It was alot of fun! hope to see you at the next one! :)